Tir na nOg

27 February 2009

Wretched Destiny

Where shall the love I feel find safe repose,
when darkness falls in crashing blasts of fear,
desire offers no hand of friendship here,
as love is held behind solitude.

Will time ever release the pain of want,
to roam in wasted lands of hatred's greed,
expose the shame to naked flames of rage,
extract each sense so I can safely sigh.

Yet in this light this love of beauty shines,
reflecting rainbow eyes in gems of thought,
as passion courts the worlds of coloured dreams,
express the thoughts of routine days of life.

Like honey nectar found in sweetened peach,
so love conveys bouquets of summer sun,
that warm the coldest chills of winter days,
the ghosts of passion haunt my lonely dreams.

Returned to dusky swaths ere darkness reigns,
these clouds of thunder gather round my heart,
all thoughts of love remain in distant places,
beyond the reach of wretched destiny.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

18 February 2009


As whispered stories thoughts of wrath condemn,
And peaceful tales repose their minds to sleep,
The magic sparkles like sunlit gem,
Amid the fire's rekindled embers leap.

Retold by night, he brings enchantment's spell,
Serenity, he sings in words arcane,
And carries smiles to lands where fairies dwell,
Where children's tears can cease like dreams of rain.

Legerdemain, reveals the hidden charms,
In clearest mystery he brings light,
To halls of ladies dancing within arms
Of lords to Elfin kings in star lit night.

Oh for the days of youth, a distant time,
When I was free to roam his lands of rune,
The simple ways made life a path sublime,
When his soft words would sing from darkened tune.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

The Queen's Knyght

royal chaplet
repose upon crowns,
monarch's regal pageant.

Eagle eyes watching, await;
penance, of love's expectant kiss;
from her champion, brave knyght erraunt.

Sire, won her commanding royal favours,
noble lord; obeisances monarch's throne,
wanders lands; on her perilous quest.

Serviced favours, grace regal queen,
honoured noble shows courage,
loyal hope endures pain;
faithful the rapture,
oath acquiesced
bears promise;
sworn to

Author's Notes:

Knyght erraunt - 14th century term for a wandering knight.

Original inspiration: Cervantes used the term knight errant in his novel Don Quixote and more recently Heath Ledger refered to his sire as a knight errant in the movie A Knight's Tale. Those two words stuck in my head.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

17 February 2009

Paint --- Etheree

on board
beyond sight;
liquid landscapes
lambent images flow.
Drawn contemplations seen;
plucked fresh as daisies in June
mirrored artist's vision and dreams.
Narratives pastel curved line reviewed
painting conceived brainstormed rainbow presence.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Elemental --- Broken Etheree

Air, Earth
Water sprites
combined as one.

Life's true elements
symbolic Pagan thought
folk lore lies within quatern.

Nature's pathways respecting love
Yule on to Samhain, Spring to winter
life's changing circles seen in Celtic wynds.

© Jem Farmer 2098, all rights reserved.

16 February 2009

The King of Goth

The Sussex lad, to title and land born,
an alumni, now he stands proudly tall.
In Oxford students pass at future’s dawn,
for some the inspiration was his call.

Provocative, a mighty pen his sword,

expelled for godless view from hallowed hall.
The Baronet poet, friend to a Lord,
the Gothic king’s voice did incite them all.

His Mary worshipped at her husband‘s feet,
she held his heart tight from death’s final flame.
Did they engage in black acts, pagan mete?
A dark and often troubled soul laid clai

Into the storm set sail, the end foretold,
He died before his talent could unfold.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

2 February 2009

The Sleeping Rose

She lies upon ivory sheets,
her body poised in rest's repose,
in dreams she tastes heavenly treats,
the sleeping rose.

Her crimson lips, so soft and moist,
betray the passion within her dreams,
her secret love remains unvoiced,
in sleeping schemes.

Her flawless fancy comes each night,
perfect, the hero found in sleep,
no false debate, just pure delight,
in passions seep.

When morning calls her mind awake,
her smiling eyes cannot disguise,
how love departs with dream's keep sake
and yawning sighs.


© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Spell Casting

I long to cast magic’s spell,
know thee well in autumn’s night.
A wish just for thee, my heart,
cupid’s dart in love’s true light.

A cauldron of potions stew,
witch’s brew, reveal to thee,
and hold my love in thy sight,
Samhain  light, for thee and me.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Requiem for Love

Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse,
the clouds of pain remain, they never part.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
the muse exploited in your greed for art,
remains of kisses that bedeck love's hearse.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse,
illusion's romance crafted from the start.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
with words you carved in Cupid's tainted dart
and time infused my heart with toxic verse
beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse.


© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Queen's English

I shall try to explain so you will understand
the usage of shall or will in English Grammar.
Both shall and will are auxiliary verbs
predominantly relating to the future.

Shall is used with the preceding nouns I or we;
I shall write a free verse poem and we shall read it;
as the case in point is apt, so to speak.

Now will relates to the nouns you, it, he, she and they;
it will rain tomorrow and he will walk her home;
she will kiss him goodnight and they will live happily ever after.
You will use grammar correctly, if you don't mind.

This is all very well unless one is from the US of A
where all nouns relate to will and shall hardly ever happens,
but as far as correct English as spoken by our Queen
I shall use both as correct in English Grammar.

I conclude with this thought
Shall I submit for your contest or shall I not?
If I do may I suggest a follow up
of how to use would, could and should. 

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Quatrains of Pain

There is a pleasure in poetic pains
that only poets know,
they feel the stresses pulling strains
as words in ink come slow.

Iambic feet to build the lines
in groups of four and three,
the verse, it seems, the pen confines
when writing poetry.

Old William Cowper's short blunt line
that speaks a truth to me,
to sweet torture I shall resign
in verbal craft for thee.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

On Love'sWings

Without it, life is a drag
a dishrag of existence.
Care of you, love, just for me,
so that we last the distance.

I know our path lies beyond,
ever bonded, for all time.
Still I want the here and now
in love’s bough, is that a crime?

I have no magic potion,
just emotion, to hold you.
Without you, I am nothing,
on love’s wing, we’ll see it through.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Vernal Senses

The first gentle kiss of sunlight,
invites my soul with its dawn ray,
to spend a while with nature's love,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Inhale the freshness after snow,
entwined with sweet floral bouquet,
from clusters of yellow found there,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Savour this first morning of growth,
that brings joy and hope as I pray,
tastes of life released from winter,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Musical serenades return,
as birds call their lovers to play,
among the budding leaves I see
wandering spring's pathways today.

Visions of sunshine saffron clouds,
cheeky daffodils wave my way,
my companions as I walk in thought,
wandering spring's pathways today.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.