Tir na nOg

30 April 2009

False Embraces






The floating words no longer shine of gold,
so deep beautiful sounds now lie in fear
as before, you're not the one for me to hold,
and your hands cannot dry a lonely tear.

The pain-filled eyes that once caused so much hurt,
have closed and in our silent fury drowned,
lost in love's sweet dream where we lie inert,
unlit thoughts have ceased to echo through the ground.

In lust we sated our desire's passion,
selfishly forgetting love in our greed,
lying here without truth or compassion,
a night of promise that failed to succeed.

The false embraces that revealed no trust,
as dawn approaches the dreams fade to dust.





JF 30 April 2009

Valley Dreams



In the green valleys that I wander in,
beside Welsh mountains where I long to be,
kin of mine shall meet with ancestral kin,
freely in the valleys where I am free.

Legend told in verse the way of legend,
kings and princes battled with English kings,
endless dream that portend the daylight's end
sings of love as the heart of beauty sings.

Dreamy thoughts of love can fill my daydream,
courting the eye of one who has me caught,
stream the babbling voices of mountain stream,
sort the first moment when my dreams she sought.

Here in my valleys, a heart's song to hear,
peer into me and in my dreams appear.


cader Cader Idris

JF 29 April 2009


‘If a man should sleep upon Cader Idris, he shall wake up mad or a poet’ --- Welsh Legend


‘I knew I was mad, now I know why’ --- Jem

29 April 2009

No Solutions




I walk the path of life alone again,
after goodbye, the road seems longer now,
no solutions to questions that say how
a love like ours can die inside my brain.

Last night, last kiss, it meant nothing to me,
your pleas of love embraced an empty soul,
nothing to give but callous thought control ~
my darkened heart has closed, no vacancy.

I walk the path of life awaiting death,
my destiny, there can be no escape
from fate and where faceless shadows take shape
that lead me to the gasps of final breath.

My spirit seeks not wanton sanctuary,
do not think your love could ever hold me.



JF 29 April 2009

The Kaiserin


Elizabeth of Bavaria by Winterhalter



Bavarian beauty, she reigned as queen,
Sisi her name, had no love for the court,
with grace and beauty she captured a scene,
a free spirit her courtiers couldn't thwart,
as hearts were won, where ever she was seen,
the horse her choice of favoured riding sport,
Sisi became the German Kaiserin.

The youthful bride when history was made,
yet death still came and stole her beloved son,
In Mayerling, the place suicide played.
So dressed in black of mourning, still she shone
as fate lay wait with an assassin's blade,
to pierce her heart under September's sun
the socialite of beauty slipped to shade.



JF 28 April 2009





tranquil echoes
the Ashanti spark illusions -
spirit of tantra


JF  14 April 2009

27 April 2009

Sitting on the Staircase



I'm sitting on the staircase waiting here,
just waiting hoping time will pass by me,
until your key unlocks my heart with cheer.
I'm sat here watching spaces with nowt to see,
and dream that you will come and hold me near,
for with my darling close then I am free,
in love that sings your name I long to hear.


JF 27 April 2009

5 April 2009

My Pagan Heart

Your love my Goddess is divine,

divinty's child, with thee entwine,

Entwined with thee, my Pagan heart

My heart to thee a hallowed shrine

A shrine of faith and love define,

Defined in faith, my Pagan heart.

JF 05 April 2009

1 April 2009

Torniquet --- Dark Fantasy

The stealth winged creeper roams the night,
these missions of death, are acts of trade,
unseen footsteps, the victim's plight,
his twisted death , a score betrayed.

His twisted death, a score betrayed,
a vengeful crime before his time,
my battle cry in spite's crusade
he's left in slime at midnight chime.

He's left in slime at midnight chime,
a trademark wire that braids his neck
a piece of grime not worth the dime
I left my stamp, a warning check.

I left my stamp, a warning check,
the world will know he lived of sin
his life the price, I broke his neck,
I am the silent assassin.

© Jem Farmer 2008, 2009 all rights reserved.