Tir na nOg

8 May 2009







silk wrappings
disguising the variants ~
spread your wings

7 May 2009






zoom lenses
ensnaring touches of dew -
droplet's toll




JF 06 May 2009

5 May 2009

Candle Flickers – A Tantric Meditation






In her flame, I see ghost-white clouds forming dreams,
illusions of clarity awaiting me
just out of reach as my mind seeks tantric peace;
the candle flickers.

Pools of sugar-coated flowers wash my feet
as I sink slowly beneath peaceful music
to drift in oblivion that is her purity;
the candle flickers.

Sensing mintcream kisses on my open palms,
outstretched fingers caress the dazzling rain's light
lifting my face to the moist embrace of peace;
the candle flickers.

Pictures of ladybugs float past my closed eyes
as the drum ripples across welcoming skin
chanting clarity of inner sight to me;
the candle flickers.

I have become the ghost-white clouds of my dreams,
at one with the sacred Mother, rock of Truth,
the soothing embrace warms the ice of my soul;
the candle flickers.

Elf of the Wand





The wizard with the ring of fire,
a ring of power they call Narya,
Gandalf's warm of spirit charms, so say I,
no pride as we take arms.

Amid the Hobbit thereupon
he was sure to defeat Sauron
'The Wisest' claimed Elf Cirdan, so say I,
with pride to ye my clan.

Elf of the Wand, Gandalf the Grey,
the last of Istari, it's they
the Quenya who command, and so say I,
he'll die at their demand.

Woe not friend! For Gandalf the White,
will stand beside our clan to fight
the evil hordes these dark days, so say I,
war's cry to victors' way

Aromatic Fields





Her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed
my lady lavender who soothes my dreams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

From golden age and royal scented shield,
her mystery beneath her eyes still gleams,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed

To lady lavender, my heart I yield,
with piquant oils and heady perfume streams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

With calming airs, her magic charm appealed,
evocative ideals, my soul redeems,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed.

Inhaling beauty, senses gently healed,
relaxing briefly veiled from worldly screams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

With lady lavender my spirit sealed,
her bless├ęd peace that comes from love's regimes,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

JF 04 May 2009

Stalling Heart





Recall the melody they played on strings
those sultry strings that echo tangos fall
My fallen heart revealed as lady sings
a song of love at end-of-summer ball
Vibrant ballgowns that rustle dancing rings
Amid the rings of painted beauties stall.
A stalling heart that sees the better things
the sweetest things as love I hear your call.







fragrant trails
of peaceful panicles ~
Syringa's bliss




JF 03 May 2009