Tir na nOg

5 May 2009

Elf of the Wand





The wizard with the ring of fire,
a ring of power they call Narya,
Gandalf's warm of spirit charms, so say I,
no pride as we take arms.

Amid the Hobbit thereupon
he was sure to defeat Sauron
'The Wisest' claimed Elf Cirdan, so say I,
with pride to ye my clan.

Elf of the Wand, Gandalf the Grey,
the last of Istari, it's they
the Quenya who command, and so say I,
he'll die at their demand.

Woe not friend! For Gandalf the White,
will stand beside our clan to fight
the evil hordes these dark days, so say I,
war's cry to victors' way

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