Tir na nOg

8 May 2009







silk wrappings
disguising the variants ~
spread your wings

7 May 2009






zoom lenses
ensnaring touches of dew -
droplet's toll




JF 06 May 2009

5 May 2009

Candle Flickers – A Tantric Meditation






In her flame, I see ghost-white clouds forming dreams,
illusions of clarity awaiting me
just out of reach as my mind seeks tantric peace;
the candle flickers.

Pools of sugar-coated flowers wash my feet
as I sink slowly beneath peaceful music
to drift in oblivion that is her purity;
the candle flickers.

Sensing mintcream kisses on my open palms,
outstretched fingers caress the dazzling rain's light
lifting my face to the moist embrace of peace;
the candle flickers.

Pictures of ladybugs float past my closed eyes
as the drum ripples across welcoming skin
chanting clarity of inner sight to me;
the candle flickers.

I have become the ghost-white clouds of my dreams,
at one with the sacred Mother, rock of Truth,
the soothing embrace warms the ice of my soul;
the candle flickers.

Elf of the Wand





The wizard with the ring of fire,
a ring of power they call Narya,
Gandalf's warm of spirit charms, so say I,
no pride as we take arms.

Amid the Hobbit thereupon
he was sure to defeat Sauron
'The Wisest' claimed Elf Cirdan, so say I,
with pride to ye my clan.

Elf of the Wand, Gandalf the Grey,
the last of Istari, it's they
the Quenya who command, and so say I,
he'll die at their demand.

Woe not friend! For Gandalf the White,
will stand beside our clan to fight
the evil hordes these dark days, so say I,
war's cry to victors' way

Aromatic Fields





Her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed
my lady lavender who soothes my dreams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

From golden age and royal scented shield,
her mystery beneath her eyes still gleams,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed

To lady lavender, my heart I yield,
with piquant oils and heady perfume streams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

With calming airs, her magic charm appealed,
evocative ideals, my soul redeems,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed.

Inhaling beauty, senses gently healed,
relaxing briefly veiled from worldly screams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

With lady lavender my spirit sealed,
her bless├ęd peace that comes from love's regimes,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.

JF 04 May 2009

Stalling Heart





Recall the melody they played on strings
those sultry strings that echo tangos fall
My fallen heart revealed as lady sings
a song of love at end-of-summer ball
Vibrant ballgowns that rustle dancing rings
Amid the rings of painted beauties stall.
A stalling heart that sees the better things
the sweetest things as love I hear your call.







fragrant trails
of peaceful panicles ~
Syringa's bliss




JF 03 May 2009

2 May 2009

Inky Streams




To say the words of thanks to you,
for guiding the pen across the page
and now its you that is our cue
as ink and paper our thoughts engage.

With smiles and words my gratitude,
to Peggy who inspired my dreams
a poet's verse, no attitude,
just thoughts with love and inky streams.



JF 01 May 2009

Moonlit Gypsy

moonlit dancer



On moonlit nights she dances here,
her gypsy skirts that swirl with dreams,
my rhythmic dancer of heart's cheer,
entranced by silver starlight beams.

My lute that plays a merry tune,
romance the music, lady dance,
within our hearts, we sing the moon,
the magic love that we entrance.



JF 01 May 2009

1 May 2009

Mists of Madness





Out of my mind in the mists of madness
in violet corsets that hold insanity
will my foolishness ever end?

Strangely mutated in unseasoned rain
as the sexless leeches, invade my thoughts
my rebirth to sanity is in vane.

Sorrowful mud is drying my fingers
as rabid knives pierce my lonely heart
I am aware of the pleasure in pain.

Hesitating in darkness before the light
so many roads invite me to follow
but they all lead to nowhere I need to be.

Her eyes watching as I wander in circles
aimlessly seeking with no yearning desire
to return to the sanctuary of her arms.




JF 01 May 2009

30 April 2009

False Embraces






The floating words no longer shine of gold,
so deep beautiful sounds now lie in fear
as before, you're not the one for me to hold,
and your hands cannot dry a lonely tear.

The pain-filled eyes that once caused so much hurt,
have closed and in our silent fury drowned,
lost in love's sweet dream where we lie inert,
unlit thoughts have ceased to echo through the ground.

In lust we sated our desire's passion,
selfishly forgetting love in our greed,
lying here without truth or compassion,
a night of promise that failed to succeed.

The false embraces that revealed no trust,
as dawn approaches the dreams fade to dust.





JF 30 April 2009

Valley Dreams



In the green valleys that I wander in,
beside Welsh mountains where I long to be,
kin of mine shall meet with ancestral kin,
freely in the valleys where I am free.

Legend told in verse the way of legend,
kings and princes battled with English kings,
endless dream that portend the daylight's end
sings of love as the heart of beauty sings.

Dreamy thoughts of love can fill my daydream,
courting the eye of one who has me caught,
stream the babbling voices of mountain stream,
sort the first moment when my dreams she sought.

Here in my valleys, a heart's song to hear,
peer into me and in my dreams appear.


cader Cader Idris

JF 29 April 2009


‘If a man should sleep upon Cader Idris, he shall wake up mad or a poet’ --- Welsh Legend


‘I knew I was mad, now I know why’ --- Jem

29 April 2009

No Solutions




I walk the path of life alone again,
after goodbye, the road seems longer now,
no solutions to questions that say how
a love like ours can die inside my brain.

Last night, last kiss, it meant nothing to me,
your pleas of love embraced an empty soul,
nothing to give but callous thought control ~
my darkened heart has closed, no vacancy.

I walk the path of life awaiting death,
my destiny, there can be no escape
from fate and where faceless shadows take shape
that lead me to the gasps of final breath.

My spirit seeks not wanton sanctuary,
do not think your love could ever hold me.



JF 29 April 2009

The Kaiserin


Elizabeth of Bavaria by Winterhalter



Bavarian beauty, she reigned as queen,
Sisi her name, had no love for the court,
with grace and beauty she captured a scene,
a free spirit her courtiers couldn't thwart,
as hearts were won, where ever she was seen,
the horse her choice of favoured riding sport,
Sisi became the German Kaiserin.

The youthful bride when history was made,
yet death still came and stole her beloved son,
In Mayerling, the place suicide played.
So dressed in black of mourning, still she shone
as fate lay wait with an assassin's blade,
to pierce her heart under September's sun
the socialite of beauty slipped to shade.



JF 28 April 2009





tranquil echoes
the Ashanti spark illusions -
spirit of tantra


JF  14 April 2009

27 April 2009

Sitting on the Staircase



I'm sitting on the staircase waiting here,
just waiting hoping time will pass by me,
until your key unlocks my heart with cheer.
I'm sat here watching spaces with nowt to see,
and dream that you will come and hold me near,
for with my darling close then I am free,
in love that sings your name I long to hear.


JF 27 April 2009

5 April 2009

My Pagan Heart

Your love my Goddess is divine,

divinty's child, with thee entwine,

Entwined with thee, my Pagan heart

My heart to thee a hallowed shrine

A shrine of faith and love define,

Defined in faith, my Pagan heart.

JF 05 April 2009

1 April 2009

Torniquet --- Dark Fantasy

The stealth winged creeper roams the night,
these missions of death, are acts of trade,
unseen footsteps, the victim's plight,
his twisted death , a score betrayed.

His twisted death, a score betrayed,
a vengeful crime before his time,
my battle cry in spite's crusade
he's left in slime at midnight chime.

He's left in slime at midnight chime,
a trademark wire that braids his neck
a piece of grime not worth the dime
I left my stamp, a warning check.

I left my stamp, a warning check,
the world will know he lived of sin
his life the price, I broke his neck,
I am the silent assassin.

© Jem Farmer 2008, 2009 all rights reserved.

17 March 2009

Death of Tears --- Loose Sapphic

Death of Tears

Unfettered passions congeal with confusion
each night as in darkness, my mind's journey roams
depths of desire, deviant and untrusting
leaving me despair.

Twisting tourniquets ever-tightening grip
as urges of fantasy relieve torment
in tranquil pools of obsession, life falters
yet intensely grows.

Weeping rivers cast onto downy cushions
meet their demise in sonant voiced billowed plumes
that cosset my fatigued head with caresses
of indulgent dreams.

JF March 16, 2009

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

12 March 2009

Fool's Mate --- Free Verse

New York to London,
black squares, white squares
Paris then Munich,
Queen's Knight takes pawn.

Oriental streets offer no distraction,
Girly boys cruising, don't catch my eye, sunshine
No matter the city,
The game is the same.

Angelic pawns sliding closer,
Bishopric gods force distractions,
Focus on pieces, moves I'm making,
Check and mate!

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

10 March 2009

Before the Dawn

The world of stars I see,
Above the Earth each night,
Is where I find my dreams,
Before the dawn’s daylight.

The kiss of dew tastes sweet,
The gift of nature’s rite,
Awake the spites of life,
Before the dawn’s daylight.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Time Forgot

As time forgot to let me die,
I'm left to age and wonder why,
the days of youth that came and went
are wasted years, a life misspent!

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Queen of the May --- Stave Stanza

She is the queen of starlit nights,
her beauty beyond mortal sights,
one kiss, she will possess my soul,
and dreams of desire she'll cajole,
in merry dance she leads the way,
my queen, and lady of the May.

When seasons call, goddess returns,
to sacred hearts where passions burns,
her song, harmonic cadences,
refreshed by slow Sapphic glances,
summer reborn on hallowed day,
my queen, and lady of the May.

She took my hand and stole my heart,
of this world I'm no longer part,
when blessed lady touched my lip,
the ways of old released their grip,
caught in illusions of freesia spray,
my queen, and lady of the May

JF 10 March 2009

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Sweet The Voice

I walk the lonely streets of hopeless dreams,
Where love has closed my bitter destiny,
The dwellings echo children's frightened screams,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.

Each brick that tells of greed and hatred's rage,
Possessions reasons for reality,
When life is less than wealth, a darkened age,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.

To hurt a brother, steal, then kill or maim,
A destined place of cruel insanity,
The tears of mother's hearts, the spoils of fame,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.

I walk the lonely streets of hopeless dreams,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.

JF 10 March 2009

© Jem Farmer 2008, 2009 all rights reserved.

6 March 2009

As Children Sleep

A peace descends as children sleep,

when mother sighs, her soul to keep,

The precious times recall the day,

with wine and love, a father's way.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

The Henge

Chilling winds echo setting sun.
carrying time backwards
temple of peace, focal point,
herders’ lands mingle with grain,
where bronzed traders negotiate.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

27 February 2009

Wretched Destiny

Where shall the love I feel find safe repose,
when darkness falls in crashing blasts of fear,
desire offers no hand of friendship here,
as love is held behind solitude.

Will time ever release the pain of want,
to roam in wasted lands of hatred's greed,
expose the shame to naked flames of rage,
extract each sense so I can safely sigh.

Yet in this light this love of beauty shines,
reflecting rainbow eyes in gems of thought,
as passion courts the worlds of coloured dreams,
express the thoughts of routine days of life.

Like honey nectar found in sweetened peach,
so love conveys bouquets of summer sun,
that warm the coldest chills of winter days,
the ghosts of passion haunt my lonely dreams.

Returned to dusky swaths ere darkness reigns,
these clouds of thunder gather round my heart,
all thoughts of love remain in distant places,
beyond the reach of wretched destiny.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

18 February 2009


As whispered stories thoughts of wrath condemn,
And peaceful tales repose their minds to sleep,
The magic sparkles like sunlit gem,
Amid the fire's rekindled embers leap.

Retold by night, he brings enchantment's spell,
Serenity, he sings in words arcane,
And carries smiles to lands where fairies dwell,
Where children's tears can cease like dreams of rain.

Legerdemain, reveals the hidden charms,
In clearest mystery he brings light,
To halls of ladies dancing within arms
Of lords to Elfin kings in star lit night.

Oh for the days of youth, a distant time,
When I was free to roam his lands of rune,
The simple ways made life a path sublime,
When his soft words would sing from darkened tune.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

The Queen's Knyght

royal chaplet
repose upon crowns,
monarch's regal pageant.

Eagle eyes watching, await;
penance, of love's expectant kiss;
from her champion, brave knyght erraunt.

Sire, won her commanding royal favours,
noble lord; obeisances monarch's throne,
wanders lands; on her perilous quest.

Serviced favours, grace regal queen,
honoured noble shows courage,
loyal hope endures pain;
faithful the rapture,
oath acquiesced
bears promise;
sworn to

Author's Notes:

Knyght erraunt - 14th century term for a wandering knight.

Original inspiration: Cervantes used the term knight errant in his novel Don Quixote and more recently Heath Ledger refered to his sire as a knight errant in the movie A Knight's Tale. Those two words stuck in my head.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

17 February 2009

Paint --- Etheree

on board
beyond sight;
liquid landscapes
lambent images flow.
Drawn contemplations seen;
plucked fresh as daisies in June
mirrored artist's vision and dreams.
Narratives pastel curved line reviewed
painting conceived brainstormed rainbow presence.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Elemental --- Broken Etheree

Air, Earth
Water sprites
combined as one.

Life's true elements
symbolic Pagan thought
folk lore lies within quatern.

Nature's pathways respecting love
Yule on to Samhain, Spring to winter
life's changing circles seen in Celtic wynds.

© Jem Farmer 2098, all rights reserved.

16 February 2009

The King of Goth

The Sussex lad, to title and land born,
an alumni, now he stands proudly tall.
In Oxford students pass at future’s dawn,
for some the inspiration was his call.

Provocative, a mighty pen his sword,

expelled for godless view from hallowed hall.
The Baronet poet, friend to a Lord,
the Gothic king’s voice did incite them all.

His Mary worshipped at her husband‘s feet,
she held his heart tight from death’s final flame.
Did they engage in black acts, pagan mete?
A dark and often troubled soul laid clai

Into the storm set sail, the end foretold,
He died before his talent could unfold.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

2 February 2009

The Sleeping Rose

She lies upon ivory sheets,
her body poised in rest's repose,
in dreams she tastes heavenly treats,
the sleeping rose.

Her crimson lips, so soft and moist,
betray the passion within her dreams,
her secret love remains unvoiced,
in sleeping schemes.

Her flawless fancy comes each night,
perfect, the hero found in sleep,
no false debate, just pure delight,
in passions seep.

When morning calls her mind awake,
her smiling eyes cannot disguise,
how love departs with dream's keep sake
and yawning sighs.


© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Spell Casting

I long to cast magic’s spell,
know thee well in autumn’s night.
A wish just for thee, my heart,
cupid’s dart in love’s true light.

A cauldron of potions stew,
witch’s brew, reveal to thee,
and hold my love in thy sight,
Samhain  light, for thee and me.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Requiem for Love

Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse,
the clouds of pain remain, they never part.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
the muse exploited in your greed for art,
remains of kisses that bedeck love's hearse.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse,
illusion's romance crafted from the start.
Beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
with words you carved in Cupid's tainted dart
and time infused my heart with toxic verse
beneath the moon you came and broke my heart,
when promise turned to poisoned curse.


© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Queen's English

I shall try to explain so you will understand
the usage of shall or will in English Grammar.
Both shall and will are auxiliary verbs
predominantly relating to the future.

Shall is used with the preceding nouns I or we;
I shall write a free verse poem and we shall read it;
as the case in point is apt, so to speak.

Now will relates to the nouns you, it, he, she and they;
it will rain tomorrow and he will walk her home;
she will kiss him goodnight and they will live happily ever after.
You will use grammar correctly, if you don't mind.

This is all very well unless one is from the US of A
where all nouns relate to will and shall hardly ever happens,
but as far as correct English as spoken by our Queen
I shall use both as correct in English Grammar.

I conclude with this thought
Shall I submit for your contest or shall I not?
If I do may I suggest a follow up
of how to use would, could and should. 

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Quatrains of Pain

There is a pleasure in poetic pains
that only poets know,
they feel the stresses pulling strains
as words in ink come slow.

Iambic feet to build the lines
in groups of four and three,
the verse, it seems, the pen confines
when writing poetry.

Old William Cowper's short blunt line
that speaks a truth to me,
to sweet torture I shall resign
in verbal craft for thee.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

On Love'sWings

Without it, life is a drag
a dishrag of existence.
Care of you, love, just for me,
so that we last the distance.

I know our path lies beyond,
ever bonded, for all time.
Still I want the here and now
in love’s bough, is that a crime?

I have no magic potion,
just emotion, to hold you.
Without you, I am nothing,
on love’s wing, we’ll see it through.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Vernal Senses

The first gentle kiss of sunlight,
invites my soul with its dawn ray,
to spend a while with nature's love,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Inhale the freshness after snow,
entwined with sweet floral bouquet,
from clusters of yellow found there,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Savour this first morning of growth,
that brings joy and hope as I pray,
tastes of life released from winter,
wandering spring's pathways today.

Musical serenades return,
as birds call their lovers to play,
among the budding leaves I see
wandering spring's pathways today.

Visions of sunshine saffron clouds,
cheeky daffodils wave my way,
my companions as I walk in thought,
wandering spring's pathways today.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

31 January 2009

Mostly Harmless

The hapless, tea-drinking moppet from Earth
Hadn’t a clue he was just a glitch of software
The science of white mice decried his birth
As the Vogon’s blast left him threadbare
Save for the friend by the name of Ford
Who gave him a towel for the trip to space
Tortured by Vogon poetry, no art of word
Here is a sample, translated at Babel fish’s place,

“See, see the scary sky
Marvel at its big pink depths.
Tell me, Larry Burns do you
Wonder why the sloth ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel snumblefaced.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your grumplingshinks facial growth
That looks like
A yoghurt.
What's more, it knows
Your caustic potting shed
Smells of old custard.
Everything under the big scary sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You don’t even charm old socks”

After that the dear fish died, no surprise,
And the tea-drinker and Ford were out with the trash
By odds so improbable its impossible to surmise
Zaphod caught the guys on the back lash.
Adventures were made and the Earth’s reason found
A computer its said to work out the question, just one
The meaning of life, the universe and everything is sound
The answer is 42 but what was the problem to be done

It’s bothered me since the radio days
When that psychotic robot started gripping
A manic depressive with  miserable ways
I’m there on my bed thinking I’m tripping
There must be answers but mother called me for tea
With a frown and a moan I have to switch off
With wishes for a knack for Vogon poetry
Dedicated as is their way to mother… cough, cough

Now I think I have solved it at last, I’m free
At 42, the question must quite simply be me.

Nuff said!!!
© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Just Three Words

Three little words I found too hard to say,
I was wrong and withheld a simple truth,
Afraid to see rejection in your eyes,
Without poetics and eloquent words,
I saw your pain and bitterly regret,
I failed to say 'I love you'; I'm sorry.

For all the times I made you cry; sorry,
'I don't want to hurt you,' I hear me say,
Yet now I live with remorse and regret,
My rage hurt the one I love, that's the truth,
Engaged in battles of burning cruel words,
I'd die when your heart broke within your eyes.

The love once mine shone from those moonlight eyes,
All lost to time and I'm left with sorry,
To memories of my own poison words,
The things a girl should never hear or say,
If only you could see what is still truth,
Instead I face never ending regret.

From bitter envy to seas of regret,
Fed by tears that wept from your dying eyes,
I killed the love you gave me for my truth,
I never grasped the strength to be sorry,
Nor spoke the love you wanted me to say,
If only I could have found precious words.

'I love you' three beautiful little words,
I never told you, my only regret,
Too scared of things you might want me to say,
Afraid of the passion beneath your eyes,
Oh god baby do you know I'm sorry,
I was not able to face my heart's truth.

My fear to embrace love and not its truth,
I held back on sharing those heartfelt words,
My life too long to keep saying sorry,
I live drowning slowly in my regret,
I should have looked deep into your blue eyes,
'I love you, Gab' is all I had to say.

My love came with truth consoling regret,
So precious can words be when said with eyes,
I remain sorry I just couldn't say.


© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

It's Lilac if you Please


I've never seen a human bean
I worry why they don't see;
They assure you, I'm never seen,
Even glasses can't find me.

They ponder over purple cows
a variant of nature
whose beauty smiles, as she allows
my lilac hide a future.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Integral Identity

I am found in all the worst places,
where angels fear to tread,
I'm denied for the saving of faces,
yet without me love lies dead.

Find me interred by conspiracy,
covered with fading patchwork lies,
disguised by laughing codes of piracy,
so often found in tortured lethargic cries.

Beguiled by confusion and ken,
I am the solution to deception,
the path to consolation and Zen,
a new born hope at conception.

I am basic and upstanding,
a strong integrity in entity,
I am open and commanding,
I have only honesty as identity.

I am truth.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

In Dreams

In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one
In lunar light and morning dew
In dreams I wander close to you,
With wine and song, our love stands true
The boughs of oak give shade from sun
In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one
Cascades of tender thoughts ensue
In dreams I wander close to you,
As love, that brings life fresh and new
Unions trust never undone
In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

End of Twilight

Beyond the horizon the sun lies fallen
and stars have yet to show in glorious light;
The night's darkest hour has come with hidden sighs
of silent vampires.

The scent of flesh stalks the land with evil minds;
malign intentions hunting innocent blood
The living dead of noble descent feeding
on a virgin's vein.

Demonic caress leaves a sorrowful soul;
to mourn a passing dream of desire's touch;
Unholy spirit with a satanic heart;
Incubi by name.

Ever youthful, immortal with godless smiles,
bring ceaseless nightmares with a cold deathly touch
Resides in everlasting Cimmerian realm;
at End of Twilight.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

30 January 2009

Haunting Echoes

Sappho wrote her poetic metered stanza,
Lyrics penned for cantillate voices reeling,
Flowing songs from long ago haunting echoes.
Drifting from Greek Isle.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Gift of a Book

I learned to read with Pooh and Piglet tales,
And hummed their hums of tiddley pom and snow.
I hunted Heffalumps with Tig and Roo,
And played with sticks in Hundred Acre Wood.

From childish games I found a mystic world,
In realms of fantasy reside my dreams,
Where fairies dance and magic gently calls,
The trolls oft roam beneath the sepia skies.

My mind is dun with crime and murder yarns,
A vampire's kiss to find a love's embrace,
Erotic tension cast in darkened hues,
My pleasures found inside a paperback.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.


The turning hands on clocks will never heal,
my soul lies scarred and bleeding without you.
I feel you here and tears now blur my view,
my heart is lost the visions are too real.
A love so brief gave reason I should be,
and death that dreadful lie tore it away
My sun has set there'll be no other day
but in this moonlit dance we can be free.
Defying fate to drop the veil of night,
too soon to leave this life of hate and fear
I need you, darling once more hold me near,
and fill my life with love's anointing light.
I wait alone in this, my living hell
for you, my love, my darling Gabrielle.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

From Muse to Id

That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.
My tears are shed as she sings blues,
That dark lady I call my muse.
Colours scheming in vibrant hues,
each time I lay there in my bed.
That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.
Ideas float with static clues,
That dark lady I call my muse,
She brings them forth in words to use
In pictures tonal views are read.
That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.

She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.
In thought, imagination’s trip
She holds me tight in vice like grip,
from her chalice I gently sip,
at first it all seems double Dutch
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.
As words and art  meet my pen tip
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
she guides the words that form on lip,
the ink on paper now my crutch
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.

That dark lady I call my muse,
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
Eases the way that I confuse,
That dark lady I call my muse.
Images once lost, now diffuse
and on paper they swiftly slip
That dark lady I call my muse,
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
no longer words can I excuse,
That dark lady I call my muse,
As I dwell in fantasies views
I see I’m now her fingertip,
The dark lady I called my muse,
I hold me tight in vice-like grip.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

Basic Instinct I and II

exhale; breathe.
Pulse: living beat,
pump oxygen's breath;
circulate; energize.
Blood: red; protecting; caring;
veins searching through body's highways.
Existence persists through atmosphere.
Breathe: inhale; exhale; poisoned, polluted air.

draw in;
gasping breath;.
Pulsing heartbeat;
refreshing blood flows;
viscous vibrant streaming;
plasma's protective nurture;
veins coursing our human highways,
extant persistence through atmosphere.
Respire; gasps of defiled, befouled stained air.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

A Poet's Utensil

There once was a young man called Peter
Who wrote lines in poetic meter
His sonnet a story
That should have been gory
But turned out much nicer and sweeter

Inspired by the poets we follow
Whose meanings were sharp never hollow
But we are still yearning
For rhymes that we're learning
And therefore our verse seems to wallow

Next time you are sat with your pencil
remember it's Peter's old stencil
for lines that are flowing
and leave us all glowing
A form is a poet's utensil

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

26 January 2009

Eternal Bough

My love with softened voice so sweetly sings,
where flowers delicately bow and weep,
upon a floating cloud in beauty sleep,
without a care for life's temporal things.
Inspiring whispers trail supernal wings,
across the barren white thoughts gently creep,
to passions only love's dear heart can keep,
to bind two lives with golden wedding rings.
No joy compares to solemn marriage vow,
amity's torch will burn with growing flame,
along conjugal paths of lover's bliss,
that bring a promise of eternal bough,
betrothal seen delight in love proclaim,
and go to times when hearts will reminisce.

© Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.

25 January 2009

Dactyllic Nightmare

Horrible Harrible
Harriet Simpleton
terrifies poets with
portraits of meter

Innocent writers are
beaten to see that the
words are much neater

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Chains of Goodbye

Where love remains encased you'll find my heart,
Deny the sun as false delight and zeal,
In fondness crushed my love in stakes of art,
To leave my soul in vapours of torment,
Beyond the dream's enchantment they conceal,
The pain of passion lost without consent.

In darkest corners hidden from her view,
Consort to grief my broken heart will be,
Whilst dancing feet revolve love lies taboo,
Each spasm chafes a chastened heart to cry,
My tears that wash a sweet affair's debris,
The strength to break the chains of her goodbye.

Where love remains encased you'll find my heart,
In darkest corners hidden from her view.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Dactyllic Tetrameter

Brilliant skies of surrealistic winter days,
Shades of grey lacking in cheer or delighting ways,
Mingle with vivid sighs, spring is arriving soon,
Icy the winds that recall the white snows of dune.

Children relay the intrigue of her mystery,
Seasons reclaim this awakening history,
Looking forward to rebirth of our Mother Earth,
Colour again will bedeck her ichorous girth.

Nature entices the eyes with exquisite dreams,
Winter white winds of elusive elation seems,
Out of our reach through belief in the living times,
Quickens consoling memories of springs eloquent and sublime.

© Jem Farmer 2009, all rights reserved.

Cold Tranquility Descends

On winter's nights, so calm, so still,
the Goddess starts to sing,
a voice of warmth against the chill,
that touches mortal wing,
a moon lit beacon, over hill
and valley peace She'll bring.

This tranquil spot amid the stone,
the words of Ancient's call,
on moment passed from maid to crone,
where boulders remain tall,
and blighted frost inspires the tone,
embraced within prayer shawl.

My Goddess sits in skies serene,
amid the night's star light,
ponder Her gaze upon the scene,
Her love where hearts unite,
the gift of peace from heaven's Queen,
as souls on Earth delight.

 © Jem Farmer 2008, all rights reserved.