Tir na nOg

5 May 2009

Candle Flickers – A Tantric Meditation






In her flame, I see ghost-white clouds forming dreams,
illusions of clarity awaiting me
just out of reach as my mind seeks tantric peace;
the candle flickers.

Pools of sugar-coated flowers wash my feet
as I sink slowly beneath peaceful music
to drift in oblivion that is her purity;
the candle flickers.

Sensing mintcream kisses on my open palms,
outstretched fingers caress the dazzling rain's light
lifting my face to the moist embrace of peace;
the candle flickers.

Pictures of ladybugs float past my closed eyes
as the drum ripples across welcoming skin
chanting clarity of inner sight to me;
the candle flickers.

I have become the ghost-white clouds of my dreams,
at one with the sacred Mother, rock of Truth,
the soothing embrace warms the ice of my soul;
the candle flickers.

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